Who are we?

Find out who facilitates discussions at LBS. Our facilitators aim to be open minded and have a breadth of experience in their own lives.

Lead Facilitators

Shaun Hotchkiss

Shaun Hotchkiss graduated from Westlake Boys’ High School in 2001, from Auckland University in 2006 where he studied physics and maths, and from Oxford University in 2010 where he received a doctorate in theoretical physics (cosmology, specifically). Since then he has carried on doing cosmology research as a postdoctoral research fellow at Helsinki University, Sussex University and now Auckland University where he is currently based.

James Chapman-Richards

James Chapman-Richards completed secondary school at Long Bay College in 1999 and has graduated repeatedly from various universities since then. Currently completing a PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Auckland, he hopes that this qualification represents be the last time he will need to graduate from an educational institution. James’s research specialisation is decision-making in young adulthood and he is a strong advocate of youth empowerment and positive youth development policies. In terms of personal interests, he enjoys discussing philosophy/politics, reading, writing, board games, running, and indoor rock-climbing


Angela Hollings (Waitakere)

Angela Hollings attended Westlake Girls’ High School from 2013-17 and attended LBS as a student from 2016-17. She is currently a computer systems engineering student at the University of Auckland. Outside of lovingly staring at textbooks she is a member of Toastmasters, enjoys reading pop psychology books, and planning her life. 

Hanna Choi (Waitakere)

Hanna Choi attended Westlake Girls’ High School and was part of LBS in her final couple years. She is currently studying statistics, logic and computation, and linguistics (or does she want to do maths instead?) at the University of Auckland. When she’s not stress baking, you can find her fencing, practicing karate, or watching Netflix with the ‘justification’ of learning languages. 

Stevie Katavich-Barton (Westlake)

Stevie Katavich-Barton went to Westlake Girls’ High School and was a fellow member of LBS during her later years at school. Currently studying science and majoring in biology at the University of Auckland, she’s happy to see where the world will take her during this odd and confusing journey commonly known as ‘Life’. She’s a fan of hockey, baking, and the occasional comical remark. 

Victor van Eyk (Westlake)

Victor van Eyk attended Palmerston North Boys High School from 2013 to 2017 and first encountered LBS in 2018. He studies Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Auckland and believes that human interaction is a key component to both subjects. When not panicking over an assignment he likes reading, contemplating his life decisions, and doing his best to be boring. Outside of his room he enjoys inching his way up mountains, walking, and eating.

Friends of LBS

Kyle Church

Kyle Church graduated from Green Bay High School in 2004. He studied Politics and Philosophy at the University of Auckland, then went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Education. Kyle has undertaken a wide variety of jobs from primary school teaching to political campaigning and now works in telecommunications.

Finn Lowery

Finn Lowery graduated from Rangitoto College in 2008 and from the University of Auckland in 2015, where he studied law, politics and French. At the end of his degree, he was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to continue studying at the University of Oxford. While he was with LBS, Finn worked as a criminal lawyer at the Public Defence Service.

Tragically, Finn passed away in early 2019. His time at LBS was short, but he left a lasting positive impact on the students he mentored while he was with us. They are all better people because of their interactions with him.

Ruby Evenstar

Ruby Evenstar graduated from Wairarapa College in 2008 and from Victoria University of Wellington in 2015, where she studied Spanish and Linguistics. During this time she also worked for NZ’s Accident Compensation Corporation and studied abroad in Russia and Spain.

At the end of her degree she was awarded a scholarship in Modern Languages to continue postgraduate study however chose to move to Auckland and work as a project manager in web development.

In late 2016 Ruby moved to Melbourne.

If you are a recent school-leaver and believe in the philosophy of LBS, we would love for you to get involved with us. Once on board, you will be welcomed into a group of dynamic and like-minded people, who aim to make a real difference in the lives of young people. If this sounds like you, please email us at lbs@lifebeyondschool.org.