About Us

The Life Beyond School (LBS) programme is a series of regular, themed discussions between high-school students and recent school leavers about life beyond school. We currently run these sessions on Friday afternoons at Westlake Boys’ High School & Waitakere College.

The first aim of the programme is to encourage students to discover their own goals in life and to empower them to reach for these goals. Therefore, many of the discussions are geared towards students exploring what options are available and how to pursue them. By attending LBS, students also gain access to the whole LBS community, which includes people all around the world, established in a wide variety of careers.

Life after school is not lived in isolation. Whatever a student’s path, they will encounter many conflicting perspectives on political issues, moral issues and even religious/philosophical issues. A second aim is to equip students with the skills to tackle these issues critically and with empathy. LBS will never tell students what to think, even if they really want us to, but we will discuss many interesting and difficult issues, as openly and critically as possible.

Some examples of the questions considered by the programme are:

What is success?

What are the barriers to success?

What is life?

What is the value of voting?

How much are we controlled by our subconscious?

Is humanity still evolving?

Does absolute morality exist?


Is it acceptable to lead an ordinary life?


Is this program for you?

As a senior student, you will benefit from the program if you are interested in either (a) practical advice regarding life after school or (b) critical thinking about a wide-range of issues relating, but not limited, to, science, literature, current events and questions of a philosophical nature.

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